Aldertons Estate Agent

Thanks to Aldertons or Spain for helping us raise money towards the rehabilitation area and also towards maintianing the high standards of care.

Mira Mirror

This local business is always raising money to give donations to the dog. A recent donation included many raised dog beds ideal for the cold  winters as they keep the dogs off the cold ground when they are in their kennels.

Specsavers Opticas

Specsavers Opticas

Specsavers Opticas in Calpe are kindly arranging collections of items and also trying to raise funds towards the building of our new exercise area for the dogs. We are so grateful to them and their clients for their support.

Letters R Us

Thanks to Letters R Us for sponsoring our 2023 Calendar so that we can help raise funds to help maintain the high level of care provided for the dogs in our care.

Grant Fisher Gardening Services

Grant Fisher Gardening Services has kindly sponsored our 2023 Calendar to help us raise funds to maintain the high levels of care provided to the dogs.

Auto Mart

Thanks to Auto Mart for sponsoring the calendar 2023 to help us raise funds in order to help maintain the high levels of care provided for the dogs.

Club 55- Classic Cars

Club 55 has kindly sponsored the creation of our 2023 calendar in order to help raise funds to help maintain the high levels of care provided for the dogs.

Casas Ambiente Moraira

Casas Ambiente, a Property-based business, has kindly sponsored our calendar for 2023 to help us raise funds to maintain the high standard of care provided for the dogs.

Kitchen Fancy

Thanks to Kitchen Fancy, another local business that sponsored the calendar for 2023 in order to raise funds to help maintain the high standards of care provided for the dogs.


Thanks so much to Telitec, who are avid supporters and not only help hold the annual Dog Show in Moraira but sponsored our calendar for 2023 to help us raise funds for the dogs to help maintain their high levels of care.

Johnstone Construction

Johnstone Construction kindly sponsored our calendar for 2023 in order to help raise funds to maintain the high levels of care for the dogs.

Claire Johnstone Insurance

Claire Johnstone Insurance has sponsored our 2023 Calendar in order to help raise funds for the care of the dogs

Piensos Victor

Piensos Victor pet store who regularly orders us strong leashes for walking the dogs and has sponsored the annual calendar for the year 2023.

Guardian Security Locksmith

John is always willing to help the shelter with spare keys and locks whenever we need them and never charges for his assistance.


A not-for-profit neighbourhood association established to defend and promote the rights, interests and concerns of its members who reside permanently or part-time in Benissa.

They kindly donated €1000 towards our appeal to repair and replace the fencing at the shelter, which keeps the dogs safe and secure.

Walshys Painting and Decorating

We have to extend a huge thank you to Walshy painting and decorating, as they kindly painted the whole outside of the shelter for free. Now it looks gleaming and refreshed.


It was a big job to undertake, and we are grateful to everyone involved.


Landlord. Fusteret lloguers

We are so grateful to the landlord of our charity shop, who is a massive supporter of Akira and the dogs. They have been so supportive during the recent covid pandemic, where they gave us a grace period of 3 months where no rent was due. The rent was then reduced by a significant amount, and the reduction backdated to March when the effects of covid had just started to hit hard with closures.

He also loans us free use of some extra space to hold our pop-up shops where we try to raise additional funds for the dogs.

Things have been financially tricky, but his help and generosity have been a massive help in keeping things going. We are so very grateful to him.

Spiritual Center Alfaz Del Pi

The Spiritual Center Alfaz Del Pi, formally known as Alfaz Spiritual Foundation has been an avid supporter of good causes and kindly donated 1000 euros for one of our larger scale projects to put up news fences and emergency escape doors surrounding the shelter.

The Mutts Nutz

The Mutts Nutz is a wonderful pet shop with all sorts of items, and the staff will go out of their way to order items if you need them. The shop owners always support Akira with our various appeals with generous discounts and donations.

OPE Moraira

The OPE is a fabulous venue with a great atmosphere that kindly allows us to use their venue for several of Akira´s fundraising events.

Hill Top Sports Bar and Grill

The Hill Top is a fabulous, friendly venue that always supports Akira allowing us to use the space to hold our events, from our fashion show to our regular quiz nights. They are a dog-friendly venue so you can enjoy a drink with your four-legged companion.


A fantastic property-based company who have always been there to step in when needed with large donations to help with maintenance and to maintain the high standard of care for the dogs.

Immo Huybrechts SL

The wonderful members of this estate agent regularly make large donations towards the dog’s care and also spend lots of time when possible taking them out to exercise them. A fabulous group of people.

VIP Dog Hotel

VIP dog hotel has helped out on many occasions with dogs who require socialisation or who struggle with the shelter giving them a more home from home while they wait for a forever home.

A fantastic place for any dog to stay and always an immense support to dogs in need.