Frankie Found A Foster

Frankie Found a Foster Home
We are always grateful for people’s support and help, and yesterday we were very thankful to two of our volunteers who have offered Frankie a foster home while he continues to recover from his hip surgery. For those who may have missed his story, Frankie was brought to Akira; sadly, he had a bad limp and was in pain. We took him for medical care, and after an X-Ray, we discovered that his hip had been broken in 3 places.
Frankie underwent surgery to fix his hip and relieve his pain. The surgery was a success, but we knew he would benefit from a warm relaxing home. Frankie has already settled into home life within his foster home. He is such a gentle dog and loves the roaring fire. Thanks so much to them for giving him this opportunity.
If you would like to adopt Frankie, please contact us to register your interest at or WhatsApp +34 657 68 95 67. You can also use the contact us form on this page. 

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