Heartbroken – Run Free Flora

This wasn’t the way I had hoped to start the week. We are all heartbroken today as, sadly, little Flora lost the fight against pancreatitis this morning. We have all been hoping and praying that she would pull through, but it was just too much for her little body.
The onset was very sudden; she wasn’t looking herself on Saturday, and she was rushed to the vets in Benissa,  who immediately admitted her and began the treatment. We knew it was tough and went as they advised it was severe, and we just hoped she was strong enough to pull through. She was still fighting yesterday, but this morning, she found peace across the rainbow bridge.
The staff are devastated, to say the least. It is always heartbreaking in these cases where there is nothing you can do but wait and hope. We want to thank the team at Benissa Vets for doing everything they could to provide the very best treatment in an emergency.
Run free, little Flora. We won’t forget you 🌈🌈

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