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This week was an amazing week filled with good news. We had a few arrivals including tiny little Petal who was searching for a foster home (we are pleased to say she has found one) and also Charlie who was severely underweight however he has started eating and drinking and investigating his new environment so starting taking his first steps towards a better life.

This week there was a lot of movement including;
Bang and Coco are reserved to travel together to Sweden.
Benny was adopted and went to Sweden
Pepo was reserved
Oliver was reserved
Perla was reserved to travel to the UK
Lea was reserved
Bodie was adopted
Petal has gone into a temporary home

Thanks for all your shares and comments they all help increase the amount of people who see our posts. This means our dogs can find their forever homes even quicker.

We have several events coming up, the girls behaving badly lunch has sold out which is great. There are still spaces for our winter fashion show and the November quiz Night. If you are a member and received the newsletter the tractive tracker was discussed there and there is currently an offer running for 20 percent discount. We are always looking for dog walkers to help the dogs get out for some exercise.

We still have many dogs waiting including Cookie the dog of the week and Logan who has been waiting since July. Please check www.akira-animals.com for all the available dogs.

Thanks again for your continued support for the dogs and look forward to bringing more great news next week.


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