Thank You for adding to our Tree of Hope

We want to extend a huge thank you to this very generous couple who brought 2 dog tags for our Tree of Hope yesterday and donated 300€ for the tags. This is a massive leap forward to help raise funds for our new rehabilitation and exercise area. We are so humbled by your kindness.
You can find the Tree of Hope at our Charity shop in Moraira.
To raise funds for our new project, which will significantly enhance the facilities, we can offer the rescue dogs; we ask for a minimum donation of 5 euros. In return, you receive a dog tag, which can be labelled with your own dog’s name and hung on the tree. Many people choose to remember their pets who have passed and hang their names from the tree, as well as those still with us.
The design concept
“The tree is a medium for structuring an
aid campaign differently than just setting up a collection tin,” says Engelmann. With a
wooden and a metal strand, he symbolizes the two sides of the campaign
The welded part represents the strong side. For all those who are committed to
nature and animals,” says Engelmann. So for the donors. The wood, in turn,
symbolizes the sensitive side, the vulnerability of all those who need help. So the
ones for which donations are made. Together they represented the hope of a better
future for all the dogs of the Costa Blanca who are waiting for a new family at the
Akira Animal Welfare Association. “The idea is that the donors become part of the
art. With the dog tags, the tree changes, grows, thrives, and glitters more and more,”
says Christiane Engelmann and is happy about every new “leaf” for her work of art,
which awakens hope just before Christmas.
We hope you will come and add to this beautiful sculpture and help be part of a breathtaking piece of art and part of a fantastic project which will bring so much positive change to the Akira dog’s lives.
You can view the initial launch of the tree of hope by clicking here . We know times are tight and so we are also asking if people can spare just 1 euro and become an Akiras-Angel. You can sign up and donate a one-off payment of 1 euro at our dedicated website Akiras Angels

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