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This month for those who cannot adopt, we are asking if you would be prepared to sponsor one of our residents. This month we have chosen Reggie as he has several costly medical needs, and due to his special needs, his stay with us may be longer than anticipated. We must ensure he is healthy enough before he can be advertised for his forever home.

Reggie arrived at Akira, somewhat unsure and a little scared. He was so happy once he put his leash on to take a walk. We also noticed that Reggie had very dry, flaky skin and sores. He was immediately treated for all the usual parasitic culprits and given a calming bath for his skin.

After further testing, it was diagnosed with active Leishmaniasis, which required daily injections to get the parasite under control. We now have this condition under control. He is currently taking a cheap, inexpensive daily tablet called Allopurinol, stopping the parasites from multiplying and re-activating the Leishmaniasis. Eventually, he will no longer have to take the daily tablets. We will monitor his blood results, and after three blood tests which show the number of parasites has decreased, the medication will cease, and Reggie will just be observed with an annual blood test.

His skin was irritated as a symptom of  Leishmaniasis; while he was having treatment, we continued to give him medicated baths. A month later, he looks like a new dog.

If you would like to sponsor Reggie, we would be so delighted. You will receive a monthly update. You can pay 5€ a month or 60€ for the year. Please email virtualakiraadoptions@gmail.com to sign up, and we can then send you the bank account or PayPal details. This will also enable us to store your contact detail for receipt of your monthly updates.

Thanks again for considering adopting either physically or virtually. It means a lot to the dogs and the team at Akira.

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