Lee Successfully completed a 240km walk and raised 10,000 Euros for Akira

Lee and his partner Fay are dedicated Akira supporters, volunteering at the Shelter whenever they can by walking dogs. They have also adopted two Akira rescue dogs. Upon hearing Akira’s plans to build a new exercise and rehabilitation area, he started thinking he could use his strengths to help raise funds did the dogs and decided he would hike 240km from Moraira to Valencia and back again. He set himself an ambitious target of raising 10,000 euros, and we are delighted to say thanks to his efforts and your support; he smashed this goal and raised a little over 10K.
Lee overcame his natural shyness in front of the camera in order to present a daily video diary of the day’s events This allowed us to follow his route, his trials and tribulations, some entries, no need to speak his face spoke a thousand words. It brought alive his determination and true grit he needed to reach the end and fulfil his goal of helping the dogs
If you Click below on these Links you can watch Lee’s Daily Diaries
Lee says “I’m grateful to everyone who has donated and for every single euro – it was great motivation to carry on. I’ve been blown away by all the words of support every day of the walk. It’s kept me going when the going got tough!”
It’s been a privilege to be able to do this walk and to raise €10,000. It’s been six days of hard work and harsh for my body, but in the end, it is only six days. Some people and some animals have to tolerate much worse pain and hardship than that and for a much longer period of time.
Thanks again to Lee and to all the people who reached out even when it wasn’t possible to donate they shared his post far and wide with over 1000 views of his diary entries its just so heartwarming how this event brought a community across the mikes together to support him.
Lee with Lin (President of Akira)

Finally, a few words from our president.

On behalf of Akira, I would like to say how very proud of Lee and his amazing achievement we are. We appreciate and applaud his strength and determination to complete his challenge and goal to raise 10,000 euros. This is going to help so much towards the building of our planned recreation/training and agility area for our dogs. A real legacy for Lee that will help so many dogs for years to come. There aren’t enough words to thank him enough, but I will say a massive thank you Lee. You are an amazing man.
Lin Di Stefano
Akira President.
Lee’s Welcoming back celebrations at the Premium Bar

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