Not only was our shelter crew hard at work, but some of our team had arranged a special dinner in order to raise funds for the dogs—a huge thank you to Pauline, John and Sheila and Robert for all your hard work. We are very grateful to you for cooking such a spectacular lunch for so many and to give up your time on Christmas day. It is very special.
The dinner raised 760 euros for the dogs at AKIRA. What a fantastic sum.
It was a lovely day. Everyone really enjoyed themselves, and out of the 20 guests supporting us, five came from America originally but now live in Spain. Click HERE for a sneak peek into the fabulous event. Maybe you will think about joining us all next year.
The food was perfectly cooked by Robert and Sheila, exceptionally tasty thanks so much.
Homemade mince pies, complete with cream cheese and orange liqueur, were donated by Jaine. You can not beat homemade. Belinis were kindly donated by Fiona. Oak Smoked salmon is a gift from Dublin. The free-range turkey was purchased from  The English Butcher Moraira.
There was Stilton and Cheddar cheese, homemade Christmas Pudding, and so much more for yesterday’s feast.
We went for many small starters but with big flavour success.
Happy 2024 AKIRA

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