Help to organise events

Help with organising events

Help with organising eventsThe Organisation of Events is very important as it generates a lot of essential money. We are always looking for volunteers who are willing to help organising them, or help on the day of the event itself.

In the past year we organised events such as BBQs, Lady’s Day, Spa Day, Fashion Show, Christmas Fair etc. On most of these days we need volunteers to help with the bar, the food, the information stall etc.

Another event which is very important is the Auction at Restaurant El Cid. Normally we have one slot per year, we need 300 items to sell on this day, so if you have any nice items to spare please contact us!

For this year we have already planned many events (which you can find under the ‘Events‘ section on this website). We have also started a Fundraising Committee as it is a lot of work to organise it all!

If you wish to help out on an event, or become a member of the Fundraising Committee, or if you wish to organise a special event for AKIRA yourself please contact our Fundraising Specialist: