LEE IS WALKING 500KM- Barcelona to Moraira

Lee Harker is on the move again and will avidly be searching for your support to help reach his new fundraising target, which is double what was raised on his previous adventure. This time, Lee has big dreams and high hopes to raise 20,000 Euros. He hopes that his last walk demonstrated his desire and dedication to improve the lives of the dogs and that when you sponsor him, he will exceed your expectations and not disappoint.
On the last attempt, Lee walked all the way from Moraira to Valencia and back to Moraira. That’s a vast distance of 240 km. This equates to a marathon every day, which, by anybody’s standard, is incredible; there are not many people I know who could or would put their bodies through such tribulations.
In order to raise the now doubled target of 20,000 euros, Lee thought long and hard and had a few discussions with other volunteers and members of Akira. A seed was planted, and now he has decided that he will walk from Barcelona all the way back to Moraira. The distance is not far short of 500km, probably longer as being a pedestrian, some routes will be more around the houses, so to speak, to ensure Lee is safe.
We want to stress that ALL donations received go toward AKIRA and the dogs to improve their lives. None of your money will be used for expenses, and this is something Lee is very keen to make clear. Every penny will make a difference to the dogs.
Thanks to Lee’s Heroic efforts on his last walk and your kind donations, we raised 10,000 euros. This meant we could complete the first stages of the rehabilitation and exercises. The new areas have been built and fenced, and the dogs have already had the pleasure of using them. We can already see the difference these areas have made in their lives.
We are now looking to complete the final part of our plans by fencing off a nature area and completing an agility area complete with equipment. It will be a huge step to help improve the mood of the dogs as their mood can make a huge difference in their behaviours. The areas give an opportunity to work with dogs who struggle with issues, and they can safely work to change how they feel and prepare them for home life.
The money will help buy equipment and toys which will be used to stimulate the mind and promote problem-solving. Problem-solving can help build confidence and the ability to make good choices. As this area of the brain expands, it helps reduce anxiety as the dog is more confident in their own decisions. Anything we can do to promote healthy brain function is a positive. We can use funds to build equipment to create free work sessions, which are invaluable in this process.
We hope to invest in quality, long-lasting agility items, a seesaw, balance beam, and AFrame just to start, but we have many ideas for other items that will benefit the dogs. We would love some Hooper items which will be an alternative for dogs under 1 year or elderly dogs with joint issues to also participate in a dog sport.
So the big question on your lips is when is this event taking place? Lee will be walking in December We are in the throes of planning his route and where he will stay as soon as we have this confirmed you will also be informed too. We will let you know a starting point and his rest spots so that you can perhaps pop and have a beer with him to celebrate the end of the day.
We hope you will join us in supporting him and his effort by pledging a donation on the link below. We know and understand that in the current climate, not everyone is in a position to donate, but if you can spare a few moments of your time to share this post, it would mean a lot to Lee and the dogs he is trying to help.
We will cover the walk with daily updates via our YouTube channel and hope you will follow along.
A huge thanks to Lee for this marathon undertaking, and thanks to everyone for your continued support.
You can donate by clicking on the link below, EVERY EURO COUNTS. We ask for just the price of a cup of coffee. Together, your small change will make a big difference. No donation is too small or not enough we are grateful for anything you have to spare.

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