Canine Coronavirus

This is a virus that provokes an attack of enteritis of variable intensity in young dogs. Adult dogs can be affected but usually do not show symptoms.

The immature immune system of young dogs makes them more susceptible to contamination.

The most common symptoms are very similar to the Parvovirus: diarrhea, on occasions carrying blood, lethargic and loss of appetite. The seriousness of this illness will depend on the level of dehydration.

Coronavirus attacks animals infected with Parvovirus, which will complicate the situation even more, making the prognostic very grave.

The best prevention is a good state of general cleanliness and disinfection in places where there are a lot of dogs together, as we have said before in the Parvovirosis section.

There are vaccines, but now-a-days do not seem necessary, as it is not a lethal virus and the symptoms of the illness usually disappear after a few days.