Become a volunteer

How to become a volunteer

Become a volunteerThe AKIRA Team consist of volunteers, and we are always looking for more help! There is so much to do in all kind of areas so you are more than welcome to give us a hand, it would be greatly appreciated!

Perhaps you would like to be part of the Fundraising Committee, or just help out on the day of one of our events, maybe you would like to help on the Flea Market, or perhaps help with the dogs. See here a short list of areas where you could help out:

  • Walking and playing with the dogs
  • Washing the dogs
  • Be part of Fundraising Committee
  • Help out on the day of one of our Events
  • Help out in our 2nd hand shop in Moraira
  • Help finding Sponsors

If you wish to help out please send us an email and let us know what you would like to do: