Become a foster home

How to become a foster home

How to become a foster homeFoster Homes are very important for a Shelter. There are always animals who need special care because they just had surgery for example. It would be far better for a dog who has just had a complicated operation to heal in a quiet and clean house, then in a cold kennel without supervision.

Apart from these special cases we also desperately need Foster Homes for puppies. When we receive puppies of 8 weeks or older they can stay in the shelter without any problem as they are old enough. However, when we receive puppies of only a couple of weeks old, who still need to be bottle fed, it is not suitable to leave them in a shelter or kennels. Very young puppies need to be fed every couple of hours and the shelter is closed during the night.

You might also be interested in fostering a healthy dog, just to give him or her a great time before going to a permanent home. You are more than welcome!

For further information about the dogs that are available, or for any questions you might have about fostering, please contact: