• Name: Sakura
  • Age: 25.09.2019
  • Sex: Female
  • Size: Medium (10 to 20kgs)
  • Breed: French bull dog cross
  • Colour: Brindle
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Vaccinated: Yes
  • In Foster Care: No
  • Reserved: No


Sakura is hoping that soon she will have a new home. She was surrendered when her owner’s father became ill, meaning she was with him for long periods at the hospital, and it wasn’t fair for Sakura to be left all alone.

Sakura is a young dog who responds well to positive reinforcement. She is eager to learn, loves hikes, and walks out and about. She is house-trained.

When she arrived, she was terrified at the shelter, but her trust grew with time and patience. She can be a little afraid at first, but if you just let her come to you, she will love you, giving you the best cuddles and kisses. She is a very affectionate lady. We are recommending if there are children in the home, they are 13+.

Unfortunately,  when she was younger, she was attacked by another dog, so now she can be a little selective with her dog friends. However, she does like other dogs and will initiate play. At the moment, she and Joey are best friends.

Sakura loves to play games. She loves balls and will play fetch. She enjoys tug and is a gentle tug player who will release when asked. She is easy to walk on the leash and not that big, approx 12kg. She travels well in the car and is just a fantastic dog. Someone will be fortunate to have her.

We were told that she has lived and has been around cats in the past, and when we tested, she showed little interest in the cat at our volunteer’s home. She is sterilised and has a passport, so she could potentially travel. She is fully vaccinated and has a microchip. Please click the form below to find out more information. Alternatively, you can send us a WhatsApp at +34 657 689 587  for more details.

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