• Name: Reggie
  • Age: 06.01.2019
  • Sex: Male
  • Size: Medium (10 to 20kgs)
  • Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Colour: Black
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Vaccinated: Yes
  • In Foster Care: No
  • Reserved: Yes
This is a video of when these two gorgeous dogs first met  Reggie and Sakura *click names to watch)  Reggie is such a sweet dog looking for the right home. He would benefit from someone who had experience with previous dogs. He is 5 years old and ready for a forever home. Reggie might take a little time for you to win his trust, but when you do, he is a hugely affectionate dog filled with cuddles and kisses.
Reggie arrived at Akira in a very poor state. His skin was very sore, and he had lost lots of fur. When he arrived, his skin was pink and very crusty and sore for him. He was found to have active Leishmaniasis, so we started a treatment programme, including daily medicated baths one of our volunteers gave him to ensure he was as comfortable as possible. The treatment protocol worker wondered, and as you can see, he is very happy, and all his fur has grown back. He is still taking the daily inexpensive tablets to keep the Leishmaniasis controlled, but after a few more blood tests, we hope all medication can be ceased.
Reggie is very easy to walk on the leash. He can be a bit picky about meeting new people sometimes, but after a slow introduction, he warms up. He seems to be good with female dogs but not so good with other male dogs; however, following his recent home trial, we would recommend that the home he lives in is pet-free as this would be better suited for him. ( He could, however be adopted as a pair with the gorgeous Sakura, too as they have a great relationship and are currently kenneled together) We would also recommend a cat-free home. Reggie travels well in the car and has been numerous times to visit our volunteer’s home and always hops in and out, eager to go. We are looking for an adult-only home for Reggie as we feel this will suit him best.
Reggie travels really well in the car.  He loves the water, too, and had a day out at the nearby dog pool, where he really enjoyed himself.  Most of the time, he just plods along, but then when he plays, he comes alive, and he can really move. There are some pictures of his day out in the gallery below. He really enjoys playing tug and just generally playing with toys; he is such a cheeky chap.
Reggie is castrated and fully vaccinated. He has a passport so that he can travel to the right home. We have lots more footage of him, so please ask if you would like to see it. You can contact us using the contact form below or via WhatsApp at +34657689567. You are also welcome to come and visit Reggie at the shelter. We are open every day between 10.00-15.00. No appointments are required during these hours.

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