• Name: Merlin
  • Age: 01.04.2019
  • Sex: Male
  • Size: Large (20 to 40kgs)
  • Breed: Podenco
  • Colour: Brown
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Vaccinated: Yes
  • In Foster Care: No
  • Reserved: No


Merlin has had a some rehabilitation and a little  time in a  foster home  and now  we think he would really benefit from being a home in order to make even more progress. Being in a home will give him the consistencancy and calmness for his confidence to increase quickly.

As he is a timid dog it would be best if there are children in the home that  they are older to maintain a calm environment. Small children may be slightly overwhelming for him .

Please be aware Merlin may not be the dog who forms an instant connection and come running to you which so  many people desire, however if you work with him to gain his trust and respect then the bond will be amazing and the reward will be indescribable. He needs to learn people are as much fun as dogs to be around, so having a home with much more daily consistency will help this process. Patience is key but we promise it will be worth your time   love and effort.

If you can offer Merlin a forever home or have some more questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us by using the form below or sending us a WhatsApp +34 657 68 95 67

Merlin has been castrated, fully vaccinated  and he has a passport so had the potential to travel to the UK and EU. The staff can advise of transport options.

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