• Name: Scobi
  • Age: 5 Years Old
  • Sex: Male
  • Size: Large (20 to 40kgs)
  • Breed: Catalan Shepherd
  • Colour: Salt and Pepper
  • Neutered: Unknown
  • Vaccinated: Yes
  • In Foster Care: No
  • Reserved: No


We are trying to help Nigel with his situation. We are not looking for a new home but a temporary foster placement for Scobi where he can stay for 6 months in a home environment. Nigel will cover all his living costs for food, medical needs such as worming etc. Should he need anything? Nigel has some urgent work which he can not do from Spain so he had to return to the UK and the accommodation will likely prove stressful for Scobi as it is in a built up high dog traffic area. So he would love to find a temporary solution for him instead.
Scobi is five years old and a Catalan shepherd. He is around 25kg. He was a stray who arrived on his doorstep. So, to the quirks. He can be a little nervous when people leave the house and bark at them. This can be easily managed as we are aware of this so he can be put in a lead so he doesn’t panic or practise unwanted behaviour and given a toy to chew to help him relax during this moment. He has lived with lots of different people and residential workers and never had a problem with any of these people.
Scobi is anxious when meeting new dogs and so can show space-creating behaviours such as barking etc., but with a gentle introduction, he usually ends up friends with the dog. He just needs to go at his pace.
Scobi is vaccinated and has a passport. He is loyal and playful. He needs our help, and as above, as it is a foster, Nigel will cover the costs. You are more than welcome to meet him and chat about his needs with his owner.
Please call. Nigel on +44 74 77 006 194

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