• Name: Bobby
  • Age: 02.02.2016
  • Sex: Female
  • Size: Large (20 to 40kgs)
  • Breed: Mixed Staffordshire
  • Colour: Black and White
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Vaccinated: Yes
  • In Foster Care: No
  • Reserved: No


Bobby is a female dog who has been stuck in kennels for such a long time and has become invisible, so we are trying to help find her a forever home. She is at Aguilas Animal Hotel Aguilas. Contact Nikki on this number for WhatsApp +34 641 89 72 79 to find out more and arrange to meet Bobby.
Dog info
Name Bonnie
Breed Mestizo
Age 7 years old dob 02-02-2016
Leish positive (treated and on allopurinol)
Clean in kennel
Needs careful introduction to other animals, good with adults, hasn’t really had any exposure to kids, may be a little excitable for small children and some other dogs, she is a strong and solid girl and has a rough play technique, but she is very eager to please humans, she can walk beautifully on the lead but can also get over-excited at something she’s seen and pull hard….. So does need a strong owner.
Cats is a question mark; when she first came here with her pup, she would chase and try to attack our cats, but lately, she does ignore them if they are in the same area, but to be honest, I wouldn’t trust her on her own with a cat that may run away from her,
She is really loving girl and has been with us since 2018; she doesn’t deserve to live her life in kennels 💔
*Bobby is not at Akira please contact the details listed in the advert. 

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