• Name: Dirk
  • Age: 22 months
  • Sex: Male
  • Size: Small (up to 10kgs)
  • Breed: Teckel
  • Colour: Brown
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Vaccinated: Yes
  • In Foster Care: Yes
  • Reserved: No
ctive boy so will need a home to accommodate this, but he will make you smile. He is funny, albeit a bit stubborn and needs to be busy.
Dirk is 21 months old, castrated and has all the
required vaccines. He is a great addition to an active family; he is good with children, or equally, he would be content to live with a single person who is looking for a loyal companion.
As with most teckels, Dirk is a highly intelligent dog and understands exactly what his owner wants from him. But, as an independently
thinking dog, he leaves some room to decide for himself what he
will gain from that cue and weighs up the pros and cons and what he will get out of it — typical
Dirk is an active and very energetic dog that needs both physical
and mental stimulation on a daily basis. He loves nothing more
than being out the whole day for long walks, hikes and adventures
in nature together with his person (and other dogs).
Since Dirk is a hunting dog, fun games and exercises using his nose – especially in the forest – are the best way to keep him happy and to release his energy. Dirk needs an owner who will spend
most of his day with him, preferably outside in nature, exploring life together, and has a big garden for Dirk to get the stimuli and exercise he needs.
Dirk is by no means a lap dog — He needs to
work, explore and be busy. Otherwise, he gets bored easily and
looks for a job to do himself, and that usually results in some
We are looking for someone who knows, understands and loves teckels for what they are and maybe even has another one at
home. Since Dirk is very playful and gets along with other dogs, that would be a plus but not a must (preferably female)
Dirk is the funniest little guy. It’s hard not to love this dog; he knows
exactly how to charm everyone, as well as manipulate to get his
way if he needs to do so. 😛 He needs someone who will challenge
him the same way he will challenge them — and who will accept,
love and work with his unique character. if you are someone who
already had or has teckels and/or knows exactly what this breed
needs, come and meet Dirk! 🙂
He is currently located in Denia, and you can contact Aldrina at +34 644 676 369.
*Dirk is not located at the shelter please call the number listed above if you would like to know more or arrange a meeting. 

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