• Name: Cam
  • Age: 24.12.2021
  • Sex: Male
  • Size: Large (20 to 40kgs)
  • Breed: Podenco Mix
  • Colour: Brown
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Vaccinated: Yes
  • In Foster Care: No
  • Reserved: No


Videos please click text to watch each one  below and get more of a feel. about this amazing dog.
1️⃣Cam at agility
2️⃣Cam with Solly
3️⃣Cam on a solo hike

Cam is searching for a forever home. He is two years old and full of energy, and hoping that an active family or person will soon come to meet him.  He struggles with the shelter life as he needs exercise, stimulation and cuddles, and he craves someone to be his family. He has been waiting since July last year. Soon it will be almost 2 years, and this poor puppy did not deserve to grow up in a shelter and really deserves to find a special home.  Cam has so much to give; it breaks our hearts that he has already been waiting for so long. He was only surrendered because he had just grown bigger than his family expected. Cam is leggy but only around 22kg, so he is not a massive dog. Look at this video HERE, where he took a trip to the beach. He is very well-behaved, and as he has built up a relationship with this volunteer, he can be trusted off the leash and always comes back. Can you envisage yourself taking these lovely beach walks with Cam and all the memories you could create together.

He often takes trips away from the shelter and is always well-behaved outside in the world; he travels well in the car or in the crate. He loves to meet new people and new dogs and is much calmer away from the noise and business of the shelter. He is good on the leash and walks well with a harness. We need an adopter who will recognise that he needs some time in order to adjust to being in a home. At the start, he may be excited as everything is all new and will be so happy there might be a rush of energy. As the novelty wears off and you guide him with your own house rules, he will learn quickly and calm down. He genuinely needs some time, and this is why we offer a two-week home trial to give him enough time to settle. We are always there to offer advice if needed. All Cam wants to be is loved.

Cam is good around other dogs. He has calmed down a lot as he has become an adult rather than an adolescent, and he loves to play and run. He is currently playmates with Dune but he has many different friends during his stay with us. He has spent some time in a home where there were cats present and he was very good around the cats.

As Cam can get very excitable and sometimes jump up, we are advising a home where the children are older, which would be more suitable for him. We are trying to teach him that paws on the ground will get him the attention he desires, but sometimes, in the shelter environment, the consistency can falter. He needs some consistency and boundaries of what is acceptable behaviour. Once he has regular exercise, time to sniff, time to play games, and can build a relationship with a family, these unwanted behaviours will diminish fast. In the shelter, he lacks the outlet a young adolescent dog requires. He is happy when he is out of the shelter and listens well to all the instructions given. One of our volunteers, as mentioned above, has spent many hours with him, and he can be off-leash with her. You can see him on another trip to the beach by clicking HERE. 

He is castrated and vaccinated. He has a microchip and passport, so he can travel if needed to some locations please enquire.  Please use the contact form below or email akirashelter@aol.com or WhatsApp at +34 657 689 567. We are happy to help and are at your disposal.

You are also invited to come to the shelter in Benissa to meet him. We are open every day, including weekends, between the hours of 10-15.00 and no appointment is necessary during these hours. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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