How does adoption work?


Would you like to give one of our abandoned animals a new home? We would be very happy and our four legged friends will be delighted!

Under ‘Dogs available for Adoption’ you will find the list of dogs which are actually available for adoption. Most of them are cross-breeds, but we also have pure breeds such as Podencos (Spanish hunting dogs), Pointers and German Shepherds. We have dogs of all ages from puppies to older dogs who are just looking for a retirement home with a warm bed and some well deserved love!

Since it costs money to look after these dogs in our care, we do ask for a donation upon adoption to cover their costs. The cost varies depending if the dog has been castrated or not. For special cases we will ask for a special fee.

All adoptions include:

  • A Microchip
  • A European passport
  • All the necessary vaccinations
  • Blood tests on all the prevailing Mediterranean diseases (Leishmaniosis, Erlichia, Rickettsia)

For further information on adoptions and the available dogs please contact:

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