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Ellie is available for adoption. She is slowly gaining weight as she spends more time with us here. She is vaccinated and chipped and can travel if required. She is good with dogs and...

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🇬🇧Meet Archie now available for adoption 🇪🇦Archie disponible para adopción 🇬🇧Archie is amazing and has such a gentle nature. He is young and loves to play especially with the ball, when you throw he...

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Bruja – reserved

🍡Bruji available for adoption 🍡Bruji was found running in the local area with another dog. Nobody has come forward to claim her so she is now available for adoption. She is just 10 months...

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Lolita is quite infamous as she was the Moraira carpark dog. It took a long while till she was able to be captured and brought to the shelter. She is now here and with...

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Brave is a young dog who has been progressing on a programme of socialisation. He has made leaps and bounds and is now happy to be taken for a walk. He is still a...

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  LOCAL. ADOPTION ONLY Bert is still very nervous so for now we are looking for local adoption so that his adopter can come and meet him and spend time to earn his trust...

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  LOCAL ADOPTION ONLY Mancha is still very nervous so for this reason we would like the adopters to visit and build a relationship and trust before adoption takes place. Beautiful female dog. She...

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